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Archangel Raphael on Healing

Archangel Raphael on healing modalities

Archangel Raphael facilitated by Jeane R. Pothier on January 13, 2008 
The question is asked in this moment:

I'm constantly confronted with new healing modalities, each claiming to be higher energetically, more superior, easier to apply, etc. In my opinion, all healing comes from Source despite their name and methodology, and whatever superiority and efficacy they profess to embody. I would like to know what the Archangels, Ascended Masters or anyone else out there in Spirit has to say on this subject.

I AM Raphael, Angel of Healing and Transformation and it is an honor to once more come forth and speak with you at this time. I so much enjoy these times for there are many who read these words who take something away with them afterwards that they had allowed themselves to receive. And receiving is what is the foremost energy being presented now on this earth.

As human evolve and come more and more into their divine knowing of self and purpose, they will take steps to honor that knowing and seek out ways to enhance their lives, to heal old wounds, and to embody more and more of their own divinity. Each step along this spiritual path involves an acknowledgement of consciousness and involves many different experiences.

The foundational energy of walking the spiritual path is about healing that which feels to be wounded, integrating and uniting that which feels to be separate. And each step of this soul guided process can be assisted by the many modalities that are now coming more and more to the fore of mass human consciousness.

There is no modality that is truly better or more efficacious than another, and anyone who tells you that this is the case is not truly honoring their gift.

Each phase of the human existence carries an accompanying vibration and frequency. Much is written about moving to a higher level, meaning that the clarity of vibration and frequency is increased and enhanced as one goes about their personal healing and transformation. What is occurring with this, is that each new frequency and vibration can be supported and enhanced by the utilization of various modalities. And each modality does indeed have something to offer in its own way.

There is no modality that is truly better or more efficacious than another, and anyone who tells you that this is the case is not truly honoring their gift. At any given time, a particular modality may have the appearance of being more efficacious than other simply because it is more a vibrational match to the one who is utilizing that particular modality at that time.

This brings in now the energy of discernment, for that is the guiding factor and voice in choosing what modality one may desire to utilize. There are many who run around and apply the shotgun approach to healing and change. They will try a little bit of everything that they can find and feel that this is the best way to get the quickest results. There is a strong faction in human consciousness that supports this method and it truly does serve those who have this experience as one they are choosing for themselves.

What is most efficacious for those who are sincere and deeply involved in their own desire to become more clear and to heal old wounds, is to energetically sample what modalities are being presented and then to discern for themselves, in a particular moment, if that modality or method is what would best serve them. This is an empowerment of the divine self when you allow your own inner guidance to tell you that this or that would be beneficial in that moment. And I say to you now, that when you truly follow your inner guidance for what might be beneficial to you in that moment, there is an additional energy that is brought to the experience that was not previously present.

And dear one, what modality that is eminently suitable at one time may not be so at another time.

When the human utilizes and follows their own discernment in all ways, they are sending out before them the energy of self worth and self empowerment. This is a higher vibration and this vibration is energetically matched when one is seeking treatment in any form. This is also true in whatever form the human is seeking to express themselves in other ways, but for this time we are speaking strictly about the myriad of healing and transformation modalities available and how to determine what is most appropriate in any moment.

And dear one, what modality that is eminently suitable at one time may not be so at another time. Each moment must stand on its own, in it’s own expression to be fully utilized in all that is being offered. You may choose to have the same experience over and over and over again, and that is your human free will choice. What is not necessarily the case is that one would achieve the same results or even degree of satisfaction with each session, as it were.

Your body will indeed respond to various modalities in their vibrational offering in different ways each time. For your body is continually changing and shifting it’s own internal and external vibrations, as do each organ, all the tissues and so on. It is the combined vibration and frequency that should be taken into consideration whenever one is trying to discern which method or modality to choose.

So dear one, there is not one method or modality that is the best for all situations.

There is a vibrational match that occurs when one comes across something that will be of much benefit for the spirit and the body. It is coming to the place of inner trust and acknowledgement that you do indeed know what is most suitable for you in any given moment that is the true difficulty! Humans have so much trouble trusting their own instincts, their own intuition, and yet, these very energies are one’s greatest friends in all situations! To be blunt, if something doesn’t feel good, then don’t do it!

So dear one, there is not one method or modality that is the best for all situations. Can you learn to trust your own guidance as to what you are choosing and let go of any doubt that might be creeping in? When you follow through on your own choices with confidence and respect you will find that you receive so much more from whatever methodology you are choosing. For when you approach anything from that place of trust and knowing you will then be allowing that additional energy to come forth and support in you in new ways. It’s an added gift that comes to you when you give yourself permission to stand in your own truth and follow the steps of the divine human. It says to one and all that you are confident of what can be received and you are honoring what is being presented to you as well through your own guidance.

I AM Raphael and it is an honor to be here with you again in this way. I am always available and here for you during these amazing times of human healing and transformation. I honor you as you honor yourself and as you allow yourself to step more fully into being the divine human you are opening doors to receiving grand and wonderful gifts and learnings that will then lead you on to other new experiences. Learn to trust yourself dear one, for there is no one who knows better for you of what life can bring to you, than you do!

We are complete.

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Jeane R. Pothier has been doing channeled messages from Spirit for over ten years now via the Internet. Her background includes years of in-depth research into metaphysics, alternative medicine, Shamanism and spiritualism while seeking answers to her own personal questions about these shifting times and the massive changes experienced in her life. The clarity of her energies are foundational for the messages that come through from the other realms, transmitted without editing and changes, bringing through the great love and compassion available to all. If you'd like to ask a question for yourself, please visit

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